A downloadable game for Windows

Earth faces an endless attack by enemy aliens. You're their only hope. Their last resort.

You're equipped with a bomb popper, which is also a rotor to control your air movement. Pop as many bombs as you can to save the earth, although its' end is inevitable. No need to press any button,  just steer using the controller movement and touch the bombs.

This prototype was done as part of Playmaker Game Jam, March 2018. Requires a VIVE VR headset and controllers (works better with room-scale).

If you have any suggestions / feedback / comments - send me! hi(at)joyofvr.xyz or DM me in twitter @maorux. Maor Bluman

Install instructions

Extract the Zip to a windows machine with Vive VR headset and controllers.


BrinkVR.zip 15 MB
BrinkVR.unitypackage 30 MB

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